Eucalyptus pulp is the first choice for manufacturing paper products.

We recognize our role in promoting a transition towards a low-carbon economy. Suzano’s Biopulp can replace fossil-based materials including petroleum and its byproducts, and our  biosolutions help plant a better future for our people and our planet.

Suzano Biopulp is Innovation

It's more than just eucalyptus pulp. Suzano Biopulp carries the legacy and pioneering spirit that Suzano has been developing in Brazil since 1961. We were the first company in the world to produce paper and pulp on an industrial scale with 100% eucalyptus fiber.

By combining pioneering technology with our extensive knowledge about nature, we have enhanced the efficiency of eucalyptus pulp and created even more competitive and sustainable products. We combine the unique qualities of short eucalyptus fibers with the profound technical process and expertise executed by our team of specialists at Suzano Biopulp. That’s expertise you can only find at Suzano.

Suzano Biopulp offers a competitive advantage for your business

The Power of Eucalyptus Pulp

Improved printability
High opacity
Best formation
Surface smoothness for barriers and coated applications
Softness for premium grade tissue
High bulk and stiffness for packaging products
More sustainable
Cost competitiveness compared to softwood fibers

Tailored Solutions

We are constantly working alongside our customers to develop tailored solutions, supplying pulp that best meets their needs and those of their consumers, who are increasingly conscious of sustainability factors in their consumption habits.

That's why, in addition to Suzano Biopulp, we offer six unique products:



The eucalyptus fiber that provide ssustainable intelligence and ecoefficiency to your business and products



The eucalyptus fiber that delivers high tensile and superior physical properties to your products


Natural color

The eucalyptus fiber with natural color that takes a sustainable identity to your products



The ideal eucalyptus fiber for filtration media and porosity aspects features


Sustainable packaging

The eucalyptus fiber produced without bleaching chemicals, conserving fibers providing high compression, printability, and sustainability to your packaging applications.


Remarkable cleanliness

The eucalyptus pulp that offers remarkable cleanliness levels to your specialty papers


Suzano's responsibly grown, wood-based raw materials are used to make products reaching two billion people in over 100 countries, such as toilet paper and tissue, paper, hygiene products, packaging, textiles, and more.

We are proud to offer a renewable source of raw material for the development of solutions that make life better and more sustainable every day.

There are numerous application possibilities for Suzano Biopulp, including:

Printing and writing papers

Paper for cups

Paper for straws

Packaging papers

Paper for bags

Toilet paper


Napkins and paper towels

Filter paper

Specialty papers

Together, let’s advance the bioeconomy.

To get in touch with us and discover the best solution for your business, email us to and speak directly with our team of experts.

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