Suzano Biopulp is the eucalyptus pulp that drives global transition towards a low-carbon economy and paves the way for a new era of Bioeconomy.
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How It Started

A pioneering spirit is at the heart of Suzano Biopulp. Suzano's century-old legacy is built on a solid, yet flexible and resilient foundation.

We have regenerative global business model, that is designed to sustainably meet the needs of today and the future, providing innovative solutions for the circular bioeconomy.Suzano's goal is to renew life around us, and we're inspired by trees.

Through our use of eucalyptus, a renewable raw material, we offer the world means to innovate. By providing the raw materials needed to create a circular economy we can together develop bio-solutions to build a better future.

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Essentially sustainable, naturally adaptable

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business strategy. It is core to everything we do, from our products, processes, relationships, to our business models, and logistics.
We unlock sustainability for our customers, helping ensure their business is adapted to thrive in the Bioeconomy.
Suzano Biopulp transforms into a wide variety of bio-solutions. Its versatility can be put to use in printing and writing, packaging, specialty paper, hygiene product markets, and much more.
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Sharing Knowledge

Behind our innovation, there is BIO

Learn about the value of eucalyptus in Brazil's forestry sector and Suzano's sustainable practices

Value-Adding Logistics

Discover how Suzano pioneers sustainable logistics with innovability, ensuring reliable pulp delivery

Suzano Biopulp is Sustainability

Essentially sustainable, naturally adaptable

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